FAQ About Press-On Nails

How do I know the nails will fit me?
You can find your nail size using sticky tape or a soft measuring tape. If you prefer not to measure, you can purchase a sizing kit to ensure the perfect fit. TUTORIAL / SIZING KIT

How long do the nails last?
  • Temporary Wear: If you need the nails to stay on for just a day, use sticker tabs. They are easy to apply and remove. Using a hair dryer trick can make the sticker tabs last longer and more durable. TUTORIAL / HAIR DRYER TRICK
  • Extended Wear: Apply the press-on nails with nail glue and with a proper nail prep, they can stay on up to three weeks. TUTORIAL
Can I wear press-on nails while doing everyday activities?
Yes, you can wear press-on nails while doing most everyday activities. However, it's best to avoid long exposure to water, strong chemicals and activities that may put too much stress on the nails.

How do I remove the press-on nails?
Soak your hands in warm water with gentle soap and some oil for 15 minutes. Then gently separate the press-on nails using a cuticle stick. TUTORIAL

Can I reuse the nails?
  • With Sticker Tabs: The nails can be reused multiple times as the tabs are easy to apply and remove.
  • With Nail Glue: The nails can be reused up to 2-3 times, depending on how roughly you use your hands. Use an electronic drill to remove the glue residue on the back of the press-on nails. Lightly file with a small bit, clean with alcohol wipes and they're ready to be used again! TUTORIAL

What if the nails I receive don’t fit me?
  • If the nail is too big: File the sides of the press-on nails down a bit to make them fit better.
  • If the nail is too small: Some nail shapes are curved and may not fit well. Use a hot glass of water and press the nails against the glass surface to stretch and flatten the curved nails.

What if I lose a nail?
I offer replacement nails, so please contact me if you lose one or a few nails to continue using the set. ORDER HERE

Why does my order take so long to ship?
All nails are handmade and made to order. They are produced in the order of purchase, first come first serve. Each set can take up to 2-3 hours to create, depending on the intricacy.