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Replacement Nail

Replacement Nail

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‚ô°If you lost or broke your nail, add this listing to your cart to replace your nail

♡If you are ordering more than one replacement nail, please add this listing again to your cart 
♡If you lost more than 4 nails, please re-order a new set 

♡ Some designs like 3D hand sculpture nails are unavailable to order, please email me to check for more details 
♡ I will do my best to create your replacement nail, but please note that it will be slightly different from the original one

*This listing does not include the prep kit*

Please include the following details 
1) Your order number #
2) Name of the nail set
3) Finger that need to be replaced (Please describe the design)
4) Your nail size
5) Shape of the nail

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